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The Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association and the Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies invite you to attend their Annual Congress in 2010

HEALTHCON 2010 will take you on an exhilarating journey looking at health care in the next decade.

Our futuristic and action-packed program will be your ticket to travel through alternative dimensions and models of health care. We will reach for the stars and give you a vision of the future.

Our line-up of high-calibre Australian and international presenters will reach across TIME and SPACE to examine the big challenges to be encountered by health care policy makers, clinicians, executives and managers.

Our program will open up a window for you to see into the FUTURE. You will be able to discuss with our presenters lessons from the past which inform opportunities afforded by modern theories and technologies. Our goal is to give you an energy boost to steer your services and departments into the next decade.

In the context of a vision for the future, our HEALTHCON 2010 PROGRAM will focus on:

  • Progress of Australian health reforms during 2010,
  • The future of medical research and new treatments;
  • The effects of climate change on health systems;
  • The impact of new technologies on health care including genomics, nanotechnology and information-communications technology;
  • Strategies for managing demand, including redesign of clinical work in hospitals; • Healthy ageing in society and quality care at the end-of-life ;
  • Workforce issues including educating the future generation of healthcare professionals; and
  • Changing the culture of society through education and health promotion.

HEALTHCON 2010 will be professional, stimulating and fun. You will learn from national and global leaders. You will be able to discuss issues and share your views with colleagues in a congenial and lively atmosphere. And last but not least, our Science Fiction themed gala dinner at the Hilton will be a fun-filled night. Start planning your ‘futuristic’ outfit now as the best costumes will win something out of this world! We look forward to sharing our crystal ball view of healthcare with you in Adelaide.

Prue Power
AHHA Executive Director and Congress Convenor
National Congress 2010

Mitch Messer
Chair of Board
Australian Institute of Health Policy Studies


Supporting Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia.

The Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association proudly supports Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia - the national partnership of five of Australia’s leading children’s hospital foundations. Together the Foundations form the major, non-government funding bodies for clinical research and fund equipment and patient/family hospital services. In partnership with our Platinum Sponsor, Philips Healthcare Australia, we strongly encourage you to donate by following the link below. For every dollar you donate, Philips Healthcare Australia will match your contribution. Donations up to $30,000.00 will be matched.

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