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What does it mean to be an effective middle years teacher or an engaged adolescent learner in the 21st century?

The focus of the conference will be on examining the world in which adolescents now live and the factors that influence and engage them. The conference will use the interface between current global thinking, the voices of our adolescents and the wisdom of teachers working in the middle years to explore the complexities adolescents face in today’s world.

  • What is it that highly effective middle schooling does to improve student engagement and achievement?
  • How does quality pedagogy personalise and connect curriculum to students’ life experiences and learning?
  • What opportunities does digital technology afford us in engaging, supporting and challenging students to achieve high standards?

Conference participants will be invited to contribute to the online discussion forum with middle years students, teachers and conference speakers prior to the conference. September 6 will provide a culmination to the diverse discussions made online and will continue the symposium by highlighting the voices of our internationally and nationally acclaimed speakers.