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Welcome to the QPR 2012 Conference website. The conference theme for 2012 is

Narratives of Transition: 
Perspectives of Research Leaders, Educators & Postgraduates

QPR is a major international conference focused on research on doctoral education. It brings together educational researchers, postgraduate students, supervisors, academic developers, policy makers and postgraduate administrators.

We discuss policies affecting doctoral education, exchange views on research and practice in the field of doctoral education, and provide exciting networking opportunities for students, researchers, policy makers and administrators working in this field.

The theme for the 2012 conference focuses on the multiple transitions that permeate the world of postgraduate research, both nationally and internationally.  Higher education throughout the world is undergoing transformations like never before. Universities and staff are undergoing public scrutiny, assessment and  reduced funding while,  challenges to the core purposes of universities are prevalent. Nevertheless, the importance of research and research training remain very much at the forefront of the higher education agenda. Issues to do with quality supervision, research training, timely completions, high quality publications, and increasing knowledge management and production are issues that continue to challenge administrators, academics, policy makers and postgraduate students in the academy. It is of great analytical interest to study and report on how these transitions and transformations are evolving and impacting upon higher education governance, postgraduate research, research development and dissemination, research training, research leadership and academic lifestyle.

Within this context of transition and transformation the following themes have been identified for the conference:

  • Transitions in academic governance and responsibilities in postgraduate research: New structures, strategies and policies;
  • Research outcomes assessment: Transitions in the purposes of research planning, knowledge production and dissemination;
  • Transforming identities: The positioning and repositioning of academics and postgraduate students in the new era of research;
  • Leading research in transformative times: Perspectives of key stakeholders
  • Transforming research training and leadership: Modes of engagement in times of transition;
  • Postgraduate transition to the workforce: New freedom, new responsibilities, new  challenges;
  • Transitions throughout the postgraduate journey: Insights from diverse cultural perspectives.
  • Narratives of transition, chaos and uncertainty: What’s possible and what’s probable in postgraduate research in new times

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your abstracts for a paper, a poster or a round table discussion in 2012 in Adelaide.

Tania Aspland for and on behalf of the Conference Committee



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