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On behalf of the Organising Committee of the 2011 Systems Engineering and Test and Evaluation Conference (SETE2011) and our partners from industry, government, and academia, I extend a warm invitation to you and trust you will join us during 2-4 May in the National Capital. We have designed SETE2011 to be both interesting and highly relevant to the systems engineering and test and evaluation challenges that continue to emerge as we confront complex systems and system-of-systems. The tutorials and workshops to be delivered on the first day complement the focus on experiences, lessons and issues of systems integration to be presented during the two days that follow.

It has now been more than six decades since systems engineering methodologies and practices began to emerge to address the complex and challenging systems we now face on a regular basis. Much has been accomplished in that time and the value of systems engineering is not only unquestioned, but standards such as ISO/IEC 15288 and ANSI/EIA 632 are now widely recognised to be appropriate guidance to acquirers and suppliers for the creation of products and services. Interestingly, however, both 15288 and 632 neither define nor make any use of the term ‘systems engineering’. Further, both standards have arguably as much in common with project management as they do with systems engineering. It is therefore opportune, at the start of the new decade, to examine the future of systems engineering as a discipline. The theme of SETE2011 is therefore ‘Systems Engineering and Test and Evaluation in the Next Decade’. Please register online at www.sesa.org.au/sete and join us in this exciting conference experience. Make the most of an invaluable opportunity to hear how industry, government and academic leaders in the fields of systems engineering and test and evaluation are confronting the systems and systems-of-systems integration challenges. Meet and interact with delegates from Australia and the wider international community.

I look forward to welcoming you to Canberra in May 2011.

Dr Mike Ryan

Conference Organising Committee
Chair SETE 2011

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28 February 2011

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28 March 2011

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1st April 2011