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Have you ever wondered about trying to make sure your designs fit the maximum number of people?

Have you ever wondered whether the digital man model you’re using matches real people?

Have you ever thought of moving your design into a digital or computer aided design environment and wondered what’s involved in doing that?

If so, come along to the WEAR Adelaide 2011 Conference and find the answer to these and many other questions from a group of internationally recognized experts in engineering anthropometry from various parts of the world.

Being previously held in Brazil, Canada, United States, Europe (Netherlands and France), New Zealand, South Africa, and now with the WEAR conference in Adelaide is a rare opportunity. Having a group of international speakers travelling “down under” is a wonderful privilege for Australia - so make the most of it.

The WEAR conference was last held in Australia in 2007 and technology in engineering anthropometry has evolved significantly over the intervening years and this WEAR conference is a great opportunity to present the latest state of the art applications and tools.

Additional benefits include:

  • For Certified Professional Members, it is also an opportunity to accrue hours for their maintenance of certification and the conference would be of particular interest for ARASIG members.
  • There is a special offer for those attending the WEAR Conference to join for 12 months for $250. This results in a member discount if you don’t already have one.

Come and be part of it!